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Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Aug 1 13:22:23 CDT 2004

> > Well, I wouldn't call the acting "superb."  
> I would. It wasn't like acting, it was like real
> people. They didn't posture, they just reacted like
> real people. 

I disagree with the whole notion that the QUAD movie is close to
being a "documentary."  That's one of those literary flourishes that
has been repeated so often that people believe it without thinking
about it.

How is the "break in" scene at the pharmacy documentary-like?
How is the scene of Jimmy & Steph having sex documentary-like?
How are the scenes of Jimmy interacting with his parents docu-
mentary-like?  How are the scenes of Jimmy at work document-

This is a story.  A movie.  A few scenes of rioting Mods & Rockers
doth not a documentary make.

> > And there are some awkward edits.
> Did I say anything about the editing?

No, that's why I had to correct your omission.

> > band.  I can't watch the movie now.  It's too
> > sweeping & doesn't
> > touch on many aspects of The Doors & Jim Morrison.
> They only had two hours. I think they captured the
> spirit of the band quite well. Val Kilmer aced it,
> too.

Well, Morrison comes across as a drug-crazed boozer spouting
dim-witted philosophy.  Some may say that's how he was in
real life, but the truth is he was much more complex & intelligent
than the movie portrays.

And the other band members, especially Densmore & Krieger,
are portrayed as one-dimensional characters who added little
to the overall dynamic of the band.

The Doors, like The Who, were a unit.  Four distinct personalities
who, when brought together, created something beyond the sum
of its parts.  That wasn't shown in the movie.

And I think this is why Daltrey is having trouble with finding
the right Keith Moon movie script.  Like I've said, any attempt
at covering Moon's entire life in a two-hour film is going to come
across as one-dimensional & shallow.  That's why I hope the
film will eventually only concern itself with a few years of Moon's
life rather than some sweeping attempt at trying to capture

Re: The TOMMY movie

> I don't hate it, but I wish it hadn't been so deep
> into the "current" look (1975 post-glitter). Not only
> does that NOT reflect the image of The Who in the
> least, it dates the movie.

True, but *all* movies are dated, aren't they?  The fashion in
the QUAD movie is dated.  Maybe you jut prefer the Mod
fashions as opposed the mid-'70s glam fashions.  (Which is
understandable, really.)  IMO, the "glamness" of the TOMMY
movie fits right in with the "over-the-top-ness" of Russell's 
vision & direction.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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