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My apologies also for yesterday's posts from the
Herald and The Age, which were Melbourne, not Sydney.
According to a poster at, The Age's
review was written prior to the concert!

Who's Coming Back To Australia

The Who have vowed to come back to Australia soon to
make up for the 36 year gap between visits.
At the Melbourne show on Saturday night Pete Townshend
told the audience "I was 36 years in the other penal
colony and for some of those years I wasn't even
pissed". He then added "Let's go out for a few beers
after the show" to which Roger Daltrey responded "This
is Australia. They don't know what a few beers is".

Townshend later stated his connection during his
absence was his movie White City, directed by
Melbourne's Richard Lowenstein. Lowenstein also
directed the Michael Hutchence movie 'Dogs In Space'.
Pete explained how he met Michael through Richard and
they became close friends.

Townshend was in banter mode. He later dedicated 'The
Kids Are Alright' to all the children of the audience
members who had been born since 1968.

For many Who fans, it has been a long wait but the
band did not disappoint. After opening with a trio of
60's hits (I Can't Explain, Substitute and Anyway
Anyhow Anywhere), they threw in two from their classic
Who's Next album 

I Can't Explain (single 1964)
Substitute (single (1968)
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (single 1967) 
Baba O'Riley (from Who's Next, 1971)
Behind Blue Eyes (from Who's Next, 1971)
Real Good Looking Boy (from Then and Now, 2004)
Who Are You (from Who Are You, 1978)
Drowned (from Quadrophenia, 1973)
Punk And The Godfather (from Quadrophenia, 1973)
Love Reign O'er Me (from Quadrophenia, 1973)
Eminence Front (from It's Hard, 1982)
You Better You Bet (from Face Dances, 1981)
The Kids Are Alright (from The Who Sing My Generation,
My Generation / Old Red Wine (from The Who Sing My
Generation, 1965/Then and Now, 2004)
Won't Get Fooled Again (from Who's Next, 1971)
Pinball Wizard (from Tommy, 1969)
Amazing Journey / Sparks (from Tommy, 1969)
See Me Feel Me (from Tommy, 1969)
Listening To You (from Tommy, 1969)

By Paul Cashmere

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