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>Hotels for the truly dead beat

Gemma Bowes
Sunday August 1, 2004
The Observer

Morbid travellers can check in where the stars never checked out, with the 
help of a new collection of holiday deals at hotels where celebrities met a 
sticky end.

Overdoses, murder, scandal and sex are selling points of the top five 
notorious places to spend the night, offered by Placestostay. com (0800 093 

You can rent a room, from £32 a night, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in 
Las Vegas, where The Who's John Entwistle had a heart attack the day before 
he was due to embark on a US tour.

Or savour this bedtime story as you nestle into the sheets of the St Francis 
Hotel in San Francisco: in 1920 silent film star Fatty Arbuckle, left, was 
entertaining guests in his suite, when his party was interrupted by starlet 
Virginia Rappe, who drank for hours then vomited until she died in one of 
the beds. One of the party members claimed Fatty had raped and crushed Rappe 
and he went through three trials before being acquitted of the charge (rooms 
from £107 a night).

Other deathly destinations include New York's Melrose Hotel, where the 
famous Titanic survivor, the 'unsinkable' Molly Brown, died; Michigan's 
Kalamazoo Radisson plaza, where Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield unchained 
his melody, and the Warwick in Paris where Robert Palmer had a fatal heart 

Sweet dreams.

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