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Fri Apr 30 23:50:38 CDT 2004

1. Who are You- great opener from CFNYC in 2001.  They should start in the 
dark with light up on first vocals, get everyone singin in the audience

2. You Better, You Bet- not one of my fav Who tunes, but a crowd pleaser and 
keeps a good positive vibe from crowd.

3. Magic Bus- they haven't played this since 2000.  Would like to hear Pete 
come up with yet another new way to play this.

4. Real Good Looking Boy- pull it out when everyone is in a Who lather.

5. Young Man Blues- Pete tore it up with this in UK shows in 2002 but they 
ditched it for the U.S.- maybe b/c no John.

6. Long Live Rock- nice to hear Pete and Rog both sing lead.

7. The Real Me- Balls to the Wall, but can Pino handle lead bass?

8. The Punk and the Godfather- been awhile?

9. 5.15- some will say enough, already, but Pete always blisters in this one.

10. Love Reign O'er Me- version at Shoreline in 2002 most moving song of the 
tour for me.

11. Eminence Front- crowd knows from frequent radio play and lets Rog rest 
that voice and play a little guitar.

12. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere- more Pete just tearin it up.

13. Summertime Blues- always loved the Who's hard rock version, but if can't 
do it without Johns deep vocals, then replace with Shakin All Over.

14. Baba O'Riley- ought to catch people by surprise at this point in the set.

15. Old Red Wine- salute to John, followed up with...

16. Trick of the Light- Does Pete do the intro?  Not sure Pino could get it 
to sound quite right.

17. Overture- let Daltrey gather for the Tommy explosion, Pete just warming 

18. Amazing Journey/Sparks- everyone's highlight from 2002.

19. Acid Queen/Fiddle About/Eyesight to the Blind Medley- just a verse and a 
chorus from each.  Just a thought.

20. Pinball Wizard- no choice.  How about Simon get on electric and add some 
beef to when Pino comes in at the beginning and during the interlude.

21- I'm Free- Tried it a few in UK in 2002.  Bring it Back.  It's the ominous 
antithesis of PW.

22. SMFM/LTY- Wrap up the main set with this mountain mover.


23. The Kids are Alright- song we know and love, but indicates to the crowd 
that the encore isn't going to be fleeting.

24. My Generation/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues- used to ignite mid-70s Who 
shows, can again.

25. Won't Get Fooled Again- what else?

There you have it.  I'm actually quite proud of this setlist.  I really think 
it would work.  Thoughts?


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