bad review for RGLB

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Fri Apr 30 23:02:49 CDT 2004

"Question for Who guitarist Pete Townshend: This is all
you could come up with in those 22 years?"

"'Real Good Looking Boy' is a mishmash of art rock
wanna-be, Elvis Presley tribute, homo-eroticism and
dysfunctional family values, with singer Roger Daltrey
sounding like a junior varsity Meat Loaf as he gamely
tackles Townshend's lyrics. Uber-Who Heads may have a
grand time deciphering Mr. T's inner meanings, but the
rest of us will wait for him to appear on Jerry
Springer the next time the king of sleaze TV features
a program about Elvis worshipers who watch "Queer Eye
for the Straight Guy" while their mothers destroy
their self-esteem."

This dude doesn't get it.  I can respect a differing opinion, but there is no 
homo-eroticism in this song, at least as far as I can see.  The admiration 
for the "Real Good Looking Boy" has nothing to do with homosexuality and 
everything to do with Pete's emotional issues regarding his looks as youngster.  
Seems he might not have thought of himself as ugly had he not been told so at home 
during his formative years.  This reviewer is a neanderthal.  Does he even 
realize that these songs are only part of a much larger project?  Did he do any 
research on The Who of 2004?  Seems not.


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