My MSG Dream Set List

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Apr 30 18:11:01 CDT 2004


In anticipation of the up-coming shows on the East coast,
I am pining away at my dream set list.

Here it goes.

1.  I Can't Explain             - This really lights my Who fuse - STILL!
2.  Substitute                  - There will never be a substitute for this 
3.  A Legal Matter              - I Always Liked this.
4.  Happy Jack          - Appropriate for kids of the Hummer generation
5.  A Quick One         - Yeah,  This would be GREAT!
6.  Boris The Spider            - The best JAE tribute I can think of
                                    Also a chance for Pino cut loose.
7.  Our Love Was                - This is my current fav.  Zak could go nuts
                                   on the ride cymbal (Is that right Jon?)
8.  Top Gear                    - Another sonic bulldozer of a song.
9.   Tattoo                     - Like Our Love Was, Pete can showcase his
                                   vocals here.  It's also appropriate for the
                                   Tattoo generation - not that there's 
10.  I'm One                    - Pete and Rabbit alone on this one.
11.  Sea And Sand               - More Easy Vocals High-impact Quadrophenia
12.  Sparks/Amazing Journey/Pinball Wizard      - Signature Tommy - Gotta 
have it!
13.  We're Not Gonna Take It    - We will take this.  At least I will!
14.  Baba O'Riley               - Gotta Baba, Period, End!
15.  Going Mobile               - More Pete Vocals - give Roger a BREAK!
16.  Naked Eye          - Imagine It in your mind's eye.  I know you can.
17.  Real Good Looking Boy      - After hearing this recorded and live - It 
18.  Dreaming From The Waist - I can dream, can't I?  They can pull this off,
                                         can't they?
19.  Squeeze Box                - Back to the pure fun of the who.  No heavy
                                    subject matter here.
20.  The Kids Are Alright       - A nice ending.  An affirmation of sorts.


21.  Long Live Rock             - Again Pete on vocals..  Quick tempo too.
22.  Sister Disco               - An important milestone statement song - sort
                                  of an "We've survived this rubbish too!"
22.  Won't Get Fooled Again     - The only acceptable closer IMO.

There you have it.        Notice that many standards have been kept off.
I also kept Old Red Wine off because I'm still not used to this song, and it
brings me down in an uncomfortable way.   Don't get me wrong, I often
embrace the melancholy, but this one's not working for me yet.

Joe in Philly 

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