The Who 1st Singles box

John Hughes pureneasy at
Fri Apr 30 15:57:45 CDT 2004

A quick review of the box set ..... not its' sonic qualities, just the box

The box is a flip top type card box, the front is as is in the adverts we've
seen in Uncut, the Q Who special, etc..

The CD singles are in sleeves as follows;

I can't explain                First pressing US Decca label with A side
title incorrect (the I is missing ;-))

My Generation               1965 German picture sleeve

Substitute                     1966 UK sleeve (I must protest here, it's
just a white paper sleeve scanned onto a CD card

I'm a boy                       1966 German sleeve

Happy Jack                   1966 Norwegian sleeve, which is the yellow
(front and back) Ralph Steadman sleeve!

Pictures of Lily              1967 French promotional sleeve

I can see for miles         1967 Japanese sleeve, with mistranslated lyrics
on the reverse!

Pinball Wizard              1969 US sleeve

Won't get fooled again   1971 Yugoslavian sleeve

5.15                             1973 French sleeve

Who are you                 1978 UK sleeve

RLGB/ORW                  Arty farty 2004 sleeve, with picture of JAE at his
bar in Quarwood on the reverse.

Each CD is printed to look like the 7" single at the time of release.

The booklet cover is the same picture used on the mono "Who sell out"
bootleg digipak, and it contains but two photo's, one the famous one where
"John Brown" and Pete Townsend are all misidentified - and Roger's name too
is mispelled Daltry! Each of the other 12 pages is the original NME review,
except of course RLGB and ORW which review is by Matt, where he says RLGB
starts ostensibly about Elvis, but then moves into "an examination of Pete's
own insecurities and salvation through new found love, all perfectly
articulated by Roger"



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