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Jim M petenotped at
Fri Apr 30 08:34:06 CDT 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"

> Did I say I liked this CD?  ;-)  I'm going to the MSG show.  This CD is
> making me *thankful* that I'm going to the MSG show.  I won't have to
> imagine Pete & Rog in my mind.  I can't pump my fist in the air while
> watching them live.  Life is great!  And so is The Who!  Still.

There hasn't been any mention of an Encore series for the upcoming shows,
has there?  That figures.  I finally get around to seeing them (Mansfield
5/20) and I won't be able to get a CD of the show.

So, who else is going to Mansfield?

Jim M

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