Daltrey trashes Radio 4

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Daltrey trashes Radio 4 

Dominic Timms
Thursday April 29, 2004 

Roger Daltrey has launched an extraordinary attack on
BBC Radio 4, accusing it of messing around with the
schedules and filling the airwaves with too many

The Who front man surprised delegates at a Radio
Academy event in London by revealing that Radio 4 was
one of the stations he listened to most, rather than
Radio 1 or a rock station such as Virgin.

However, he said the station that used to be "great"
was now "fucked up".

"I mainly listen to Radio 4 these days," said the
former wild man of rock, adding that Woman's Hour was
one of his favourite shows.

"But they fucked up. Radio 4 used to be great until
they moved The Archers. Then they've got these
dreadful quizzes that no one listens to," he said.

Asked by former Old Grey Whistle Test presenter Bob
Harris - now a DJ on Radio 2 - what music stations he
listened to, the singer again surprised delegates by
naming a station more known for dance than old
fashioned rock 'n' roll. 

"If I listen to anything now it's Kiss FM," he said.

While it was difficult to gauge whether the singer was
being flippant during the interview, his remarks will
not go down well at the BBC.

A spokesman for Radio 4 said its policy was not to
comment on reported speech.

The singer, who famously played the "deaf, dumb and
blind kid" in Ken Russell's 1975 film Tommy, also
unleashed an attack on music television reality shows
such as Pop Idol, saying the fact that they were on
"eight hours every day" made him angry.

Daltrey is about to tour Australia with Who partner
Pete Townsend despite the death of bassist John
Entwistle two years ago.

He advised wannabe rock stars who wanted to make any
real money to take a camera with them every time they
went to the toilet rather than film their live

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