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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 29 08:40:16 CDT 2004

> I'm not happy music in general has become nothing
> more than a mass production 
> product line.


Right. And it's sad to see pioneers becoming no more
than that. Aerosmith you can expect it from. The
Who...it's a pity.

> the new releases haven't been 
> shabbily thrown out there just to sell a few more
> t-shirts and coffee mugs.  

I agree, I didn't say they were "all the way" but
instead that the boys are "sliding into medicority."
That's how it appears to me.

> With greatness comes a little evil.

There should be some exceptions. Even one. The Who
were always my one exception, a band I could point to
with pride as being above the rest. Now...

> I wasn't talking about prancing the Who out on stage
> with new songs composed 
> by Springsteen - which would be analogous to New
> Coke. 

Ouch! I think it's merely "new elements" that aren't
as good as the originals. And it's hard to argue Zak
and Pino are as good as Keith and John.

> Maybe, if they don't make me take them off before
> I'm carted off to jail. 

Did I suggest you do anything illegal while wearing
them? This IS a G rated list, you know. (not really).

> To me, The Who will always be just that The Who!


To me too. The orginal, classic Who.

> Majority of the time when a singer passes or leaves
> a band they lose that 
> original sound of course.

I think it depends on the band, because clearly
Journey didn't lose anything...not that they HAD
anything, but then there's Judas Priest...
I'd say that in the case of The Who, the bass player
and drummer are more important to the sound than a
lead singer is in other bands.

> Look at Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Do I have to? I just ate.

> Then there is AC/DC. The new singer is not that
> great.

Hard for me to say...I've never liked them, and didn't
think the original singer was that great either. For
me AC/DC always suffered from a distint lack of ideas.

> Would you say, Aerosmith be Aerosmith, with out the
> bass and drummer? Yes I 
> think so.

And if The Who are no more than Aerosmith, then what I
fear is true: The Who have slid into mediocrity.

> bands the sound does change over the the years life
> of a band. Least I sure 
> would hope so.

Change is great...The Who changed with every album
until Keith died. But it's got to be a change for the
better. Need I mention Reveal by REM or Pop by U2?

> with your presence? And Mark? 


You talking to me? Cause I'm the only Mark here...

No, sorry, my daughter is graduating from college on
the same day...May 22nd. I'd love to party with "youse
guys" and Molly Wee's is a nice little bar...make no
mistake, it IS a bar...and only a few blocks from MSG.
But I can't do it. Even Boston would be impossible,
given the short amount of time between shows. 

> How about you at least come to some of the
> gatherings? I have a little GW Bush 
> action figure in an aviator outfit (that would look
> nice on the counter of 
> your store) to give you.

I appreciate it, I could put a little "Mission NOT
accomplishable" banner behind it. 10 more dead today.
Jesus, when is this country going to wake up? This is
a nightmare.

"George W. Bush is emptiness personified, formed of
vacuous phrases to hide his life. He is being
completely handled."
           Jane Prettyman

Cheers         ML

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