RGLB in VT !

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Thu Apr 29 08:39:46 CDT 2004


So, I'm driving down the road kind of just going through my pre-set radio buttons.
My first button is a station called WIZN..."The Wizard of Rock".  They're the station that sponsored the Entwistle show here in VT back in...jeeez...2001?
They're classic rock.  I don't listen to them during the day, as my radio is tuned to a more eclectic station.  Just get sick of hearing *all* those Kinks songs. ;-)
Anywho...WIZN was playing WGFA, so I naturally stopped, very happy to jam to a Who tune and think to myself that here again is another Who song on the radio.  ;-)

After the song ended, the DJ (I forget her name...same DJ that attended John's show and was blown away.  She talked about the show for days after that, and even read an E-mail by Bjorn I sent her, on the radio) started talking about Then and Now.
My ears perked way up.
They were doing some sort of charity event at some restaurant last night, and she was talking about all the stuff they were giving away as prizes, etc.
The CD Then and Now was one of them.
She also went on to say that the CD included those two "great" new tracks from The Who, including RGLB that they have been playing a bunch on the air.  She went on to describe the song.. "starts off kind of mellow, setting the stage, but really gets going.  A sample of things to come on the highly anticipated new album expected out later this year."

I wanted to pull over and pull out my lap top and send a post right then.
Damn, no wireless though.  ;-)

WIZN is the station that has Stern on in the morning.  They are not part of some huge conglomerate like Clear Channel, so it seems they have more room to do what they want and what is right.


Kevin in VT

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