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Oops, sorry folks.  I meant to send this directly to Jon.

<Blush> Oh my!  They've found out about us! 
No bother, good lookin'.  As a matter of fact I plan to be there in full 
effect. I'll bring the saran wrap and you bring the silly string.  And bring that 
owl feathered mask on a stick again in case the club throws another ball in 

We can meet up at the usual place. ;-)

Seriously, yeah, I'm going. I can't wait! You better be there. I hope to see 
you at some gatherings that are being formed. Speaking of which, alla ya'll 
IGTCers,  when and where? Paul, will we be graced with your presence? And Mark? 
How about you at least come to some of the gatherings? I have a little GW Bush 
action figure in an aviator outfit (that would look nice on the counter of 
your store) to give you.

Jon in Mi.

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