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Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Apr 27 17:20:31 CDT 2004

I received my Forum show CD yesterday.  I got the March 24th show.
The middle Forum show.

Sounds great.  Pete's guitar has a beefier tone than the 2002 Encore CDs.
Must be that HiWatt head.

Daltrey's vocals are loud in the mix.  Strained at times, he still sounds OK.
He's singing in a lower register & using some different phrasing at times.
Daltrey fucking rules, let's be honest.

Zak is nice & loud, too.  But the more I listen to him with The Who, the
more I think that he really doesn't approach things too differently than
Kenney Jones did.  (!)  Controlled with occasional rolls!

Pino is practically invisible.  Sonically.  I mean, the bottom end is there.....
BUT!  Where's the rest?  Where's this great session player?  Where?

Rabbit & Simon thankfully aren't overblown in the mix.  

Listening to these live CDs my mind is stuck on Pete & Roger.  And Zak
on occasion.  OK, & Rabbit, too.  But in my mind, I'm envisioning only
Pete & Rog.  I sometimes have to remind myself that Pino was onstage!
"Oh yeah!  Pino!  Where the fuck is he?!!"

Fun banter between songs.  RGLB & the partial ORW are powerful stage 
numbers!  I was surprised!  

I like this CD.  It's New Who but it's still good Who.  Many energetic,
fist-in-the-air moments.  It's what we have left.  Pete & Rog.  And the 
rest of the musicians who help prop them up.  Long Live The Who.

Did I say I liked this CD?  ;-)  I'm going to the MSG show.  This CD is
making me *thankful* that I'm going to the MSG show.  I won't have to
imagine Pete & Rog in my mind.  I can't pump my fist in the air while
watching them live.  Life is great!  And so is The Who!  Still.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism 

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