What's in a name (The Who)

Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 27 16:03:32 CDT 2004

To me, The Who will always be just that The Who! Granite some bands really 
just are not and really should not be called, the name the started off with, 
be it some one passed or left the band.

Majority of the time when a singer passes or leaves a band they lose that 
original sound of course. I know this opens up a lot. Guess it is just ends 
up being first off, what the band feels it should be called, and then I 
would say us fans have our own feelings and just have to deal with it if 
it's what the band choices is not what they would end up calling a band.

Look at Lynyrd Skynyrd. They ended up changing the name a little bit. But it 
is not them at all I feel they should have a different name.

Then there is AC/DC. The new singer is not that great. Yet for that band I 
guess it works.

Would you say, Aerosmith be Aerosmith, with out the bass and drummer? Yes I 
think so.

I guess my point would be it is all in the music, the sound, yet as all 
bands the sound does change over the the years life of a band. Least I sure 
would hope so.

I would say if Pete or Roger left The Who it would then be more called a 
solo adventure. At that time the band name would change and should.  Like 
Bowie did and Ziggy Pop and so on.

But for now it is THE WHO for me all the way!

Ride on a happy trail!

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