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<< Yeah, but are you happy with the idea that The Who has devolved into 
nothing more than a product line? Not me! >>

I'm not happy music in general has become nothing more than a mass production 
product line.  American Idol can have me fleeing in horror.  And that Making 
the Band program, the Monkees gone terribly wrong.

However, when we're talking the Who, the Stones, etc... the brand name is 
putting out a lot of product, but the live show and the new releases haven't been 
shabbily thrown out there just to sell a few more t-shirts and coffee mugs.  
Their popularity and talent have turned their name into a brand, successful 
rock and roll bands into corporations and corporations don't like folding up and 
going home when there's a line up change on the stage.  With greatness comes 
a little evil.

<<We do when they change the formula of Coke, though, as
in "New Coke." Yesh, that was horrible! It tasted
exactly like Pepsi. And "changing the formula" is a
great analogy to changing the members of the band.>>

I wasn't talking about prancing the Who out on stage with new songs composed 
by Springsteen - which would be analogous to New Coke. 

<<> miss the Madonna and Prince costumes.

You could probably coax him up if you were willing to
wear them.>>

Maybe, if they don't make me take them off before I'm carted off to jail. 


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