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We do when they change the formula of Coke, though, as
in "New Coke." Yesh, that was horrible! It tasted
exactly like Pepsi. And "changing the formula" is a
great analogy to changing the members of the band.

I remember that well.  I couldn't believe Coke would do such a stupid thing!  
It's like the people at Coke were sick of drinking Coke themselves or 
something and changed the formula.  I have by me a can of Coke "classic."  It is 
still written on the label like they're still having to identify their mistake.

The Who had no choice in the matter in the changing of their "formula." The 
members died.  They died from their own lifestyles.  The rhythm template was 
set by Keith and John.  The product was created by them.  They themselves were 
the product.  But they were a rhythm section. Not a singer. Not the main 
creative force, and certainly not the main energy source live. They were the 
catalysts.  They did their job already.  They turned Pete Townshend into who he is 
today and he's still here and the voice is still here too. Pete and Roger are 
more important than them and they are the irreplaceable ones.  Pete is too 
important.  Roger is too. If one of them were to die instead, there would not be 
the demand for tickets we are presently experiencing and no possibility of 
having this argument. 

As for the Beatles argument, it is unthinkable to have that band without John 
Lennon.  But not without Ringo. Kevin was right about the dynamics of the 
thing.  But if you don't like something, that is all that matters to the 
individual. But it doesn't mean that it is the wrong decision or that the Who are 
watering themselves down.  They are impressing many that didn't think they could 
do what they are doing. And finishing what they started instead of ending on a 
wet fart.

Jon in Mi.

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