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Carrie Suttles carrie_suttles at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 24 20:01:14 CDT 2004

  Hello Who Fans, My name is Carrie A. Suttles.I've been a Who fan since 
1983.That's been like 11 years ago and I am still a big fan after all these 
years.I first saw them in concert in 1989 at RFK Stadium in Washington 
DC.And then in Virginia Beach in 1997.They were so great.I've always enjoy 
The Who's live shows.Thats why I have been a fan for many years.Although I 
was very unhappy that John Entwhistle died in 2002.And everyday I listen to 
The Who's older songs, I think back to where I saw them in concert in 
1989.Which was my very first Who concert.I picked up their new Greatest Hits 
CD Now & Then.And I heard their two new singles 'Real Good Looking Boy' and 
'Old Red Wine.They're both great tracks.I like them both.Maybe The Who will 
have a great year this year than last year.Although I do think of Roger and 
Pete very much.                                               Carrie

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