Boston Pre-Sale - Amex Password.

Jim M petenotped at
Sun Apr 25 10:04:03 CDT 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin O'Neal"

>Here is what is printed for Shoreline when you click "Learn More" found
next to "Enter Password" on the "Look >for Tickets" page:

>To purchase your American Express Gold Card Events tickets online, read the
instructions below, then close >this page and return to the "Look for
Tickets" page: ...

OK, I went past that and clicked the American Express link at the bottom,
which went to their Gold Card Events page.  There was a link there to sign
up for a newsletter, which was the form I saw.

>And, I don't believe there is any requirement that you have to use your
Amex card.  This is just a club benefit.  >But, I'm not 100% positive.  You
would think there would be some sort of statement to that effect.  I mean,
>people will just be logging on under their TixMaster accounts, and those
accounts could very well be set up with >another credit card other than a
person's Amex.
>So, sure would piss someone off to get to the billing page, and then get a
fat error message.

This is what we need to find out.  If you're right, with that number we
should be able to get past the password and right up to the point of
ordering.  I'll definitely be doing a trial run tomorrow.  I can't believe
they've got this whole promotion and you don't even need to use the card.

Jim M

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