Boston Pre-Sale - Amex Password.

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sun Apr 25 09:20:07 CDT 2004

Here is what is printed for Shoreline when you click "Learn More" found next to "Enter Password" on the "Look for Tickets" page:

To purchase your American Express Gold Card Events tickets online, read the instructions below, then close this page and return to the "Look for Tickets" page: 
  1.. Enter the quantity of tickets desired in the "American Express Gold Card Events" prompt. 
  2.. In the "enter password" prompt, enter the 10-digit Customer Service phone number located on the back of your Card. (Residents of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Latin America: Please enter the first five digits of your account number.) 
  3.. Submit your request. (click "Look for Tickets" button) 
To me, sounds like the 10-digit number *is* the password.
Assuming it's the same deal in Boston.  But, why would it change?

The only other "password" isn't really a password.  You simply have to type in the word they show in the funky screen that assures no use of automated programs.

And, I don't believe there is any requirement that you have to use your Amex card.  This is just a club benefit.  But, I'm not 100% positive.  You would think there would be some sort of statement to that effect.  I mean, people will just be logging on under their TixMaster accounts, and those accounts could very well be set up with another credit card other than a person's Amex.
So, sure would piss someone off to get to the billing page, and then get a fat error message.


Who's got the 800 Customer Service number??

Kevin in VT

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