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<< As far as Purple goes this is press not giving the whole story.  First of
all there is an "original" member Ian Paice.  Secondly, the line up that
made Purple famous was NOT the original line up, it was the Mark II line up.
There are so many line ups they are all given names Mark I, II, III, etc.
Currently, they are Mark VII.  >>

They're beginning to sound like a car.

My opinion on bands with missing orginal members is that the band names have 
in the past forty years evolved into brand names and logos.  Very similar to 
McDonald's and Coca-Cola.  We don't get upset when a new guy is mixing our 
Coke, frying our french fries or the board of directors changes and insist the 
company name be changed.  When there isn't one original member left, but the band 
is playing the band's music - they're basically a cover band and it should be 
noted the musicians aren't original.  When you have a band like the Who and 
the majority of the music they are playing was originally created by the Who, 
touring under that name isn't a crime.  If Roger and Pete are going to come out 
and play a mixture of their solo work and a few Monkees' tunes - billing 
themselves as the Who would be inappropriate.


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