Interesting little magazine

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sat Apr 24 04:57:47 CDT 2004

While I was in Leeds at the beginning of the week I managed to take a few
minutes to try and find any indie stores there - the one I did find was
sadly closing down, but I did find an odd little magazine there which
contained an interview of Steve Luongo about John Entwistle.

The magazine is called The Journal of the Classic Rock Society, established
1991, and it seems to be for rock fans in and around the Yorkshire area.

The front cover is a photo of JAE in full flight and its the December 2002
issue, number 131.

The interview is between someone from the magazine called Martin Hudson and
Steve, it doesn't contain anything startling, or probably new for those who
have seen previous articles or comments from Steve about John.



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