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> Thanks to Trish over on Relayers:
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> http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/04/21/1082530222483.html
> Who are you?
> April 24, 2004
>  How many original members does it take to make a reunion tour? In
> the case of the Who, it's two. For Deep Purple, it's none.

As far as Purple goes this is press not giving the whole story.  First of
all there is an "original" member Ian Paice.  Secondly, the line up that
made Purple famous was NOT the original line up, it was the Mark II line up.
There are so many line ups they are all given names Mark I, II, III, etc.
Currently, they are Mark VII.  This includes 3 members of the classic Mark
II line up Paice, Glover, & Gillian.  Jon Lord quit last year and they had
been touring for many years with 4/5 of the II line up, Blackmore being the
odd man out.  Here are all the details:

He is right about the ill-fated "Who" tour in '95.  They tried to pass it
off as The Who without saying it outright.  The posters had Townshend,
Daltrey & Entwistle in big letters with Simon, Roger, aand John in much
smaller case. :)  It was essentially the DST band.  Ticket sales were poor
and the tour was cancelled.


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