The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #109

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Thu Apr 22 13:23:33 CDT 2004


See, I told you. Mc is even less intelligent than
Bush. I know that seems impossible, but here's the
proof. And it supports my contention that he's a
masochist, he is begging to be smacked around. Well,
he's just going to have to keep getting his sexual
jollies from some big hairy guy in a bar hitting him
in the face.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's stack up IQ's (144 verbal) or grades 
or anything that measures intelligence.  I can guarantee that a top 1/4 law 
student, HS honor grad, and 3.7 college GPA and 7 years of teaching poli sci is 
going to measure up quite well to you, Mr. Surrealius.  So what are your 
accomplishments, as you seem so willing to take pot shots at me rather than 
address actual issues?  I addressed ONLY the political issues you raised, but I'm 
sure everyone enjoys yet another unprovoked personal attack from you.  The truth 
is that you don't have the balls to engage me directly via e-mail after I so 
utterly destroyed each and every one of your assertions (see SC statehouse 
confederate flag), so you dump on me here.  This whole venomous attack (sigh, yet 
again) from you came in response to my parenthetical: "Insert Mark's Bush 
rant here," which is not negative in any way.  You rant about Bush in every 
message you put up here.  You have simply taken my innocuous remark and turned it 
into an excuse to tear into me to make you feel important in front of an 
internet group.  Sad is the word to desribe it.


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