Who the hell are you?

Dedetom at aol.com Dedetom at aol.com
Thu Apr 22 11:37:37 CDT 2004

Greetings fellow Who fans,
                                       Here in the S.F. Bay area, I remember 
hearing the "who the hell are you" version on the radio when the song was 
first released.  That lasted a couple of months maybe - before the album version 
was heard on radio. I always used to look for that because it may have been the 
first song I ever heard on the airwaves with "fuck" in it.  Heard the song 
again less than a week ago, and they still are playing the album version.
      On the same subject of censorship, there was another song that I 
noticed cut when it first came out. This was on a.m. radio (since the car I was 
driving didn't have f.m.).  When Dire Straits Money for Nothing came out, the 
station deleted the whole second verse. The one with "the little faggot got his 
own jet airplane, the little faggot he's a millionaire". Was this a Gay ( I mean 
Bay) area exclusive, or did anyone else notice that in other areas of the 
       Got my ticket for Shoreline on Monday.  Did it via the phone, got 
through on the second try.  Does that mean the demand is low, or I just got lucky. 
 Hard to believe the Who can still demand close to $200 bucks a seat for best 
seating, though they at least will have a couple of new songs (hopefully more 
by then) to play.  Anyone else going to Shoreline?  I think Mac is the only 
person so far to say he got a ticket.


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