Lucky *bleeps*, and inciting a riot....

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Wed Apr 21 20:44:01 CDT 2004

>like why Jamie Gorelik, a person who was writing
>terror and intelligence policy 
>memos in the Clinton White House is ON the 9/11
>commission rather than being 
>questioned by it. (insert Mark's Bush rant here)


See, I told you. Mc is even less intelligent than
Bush. I know that seems impossible, but here's the
proof. And it supports my contention that he's a
masochist, he is begging to be smacked around. Well,
he's just going to have to keep getting his sexual
jollies from some big hairy guy in a bar hitting him
in the face.

> When my boy and I dance to this song, I sing "Lucky
> *Ducks*".  :-)

Ducking the issue, so to speak.

> You really need to stop listening to Rush, and do

Rush is SO funny these days, you can hear the
desperation in his voice. He's especially humorous
when he says "I'll tell you what that means" (which he
says frequently). Hard to defend the fact that all of
us "traitors" were right and Bush was wrong, though.

> like this......> "were established in the *Reagan*
> and *Bush Sr.* administrations."

Just like the funding and arming of bin Laden and
Saddam. But hey, it's all Clinton's fault...just like
everything else the GOP does. NOW they've set a date
for introducing a draft (June/July 2005) just as I
told little McCheese several months ago, and he flatly
denied. There are none so blind as a Micropublican.

> Don't you have homework to do?

He's NEVER going to be a lawyer. Trust me on that. 

> everyday speech among friends.  As Pete-ophiles
> (hey! anyone ever use that one before?!?) 


That's just scary. Please don't use it again. 

> words anymore.  They just
> sort of mute the vocals for (often a portion of) the
> swear word.


Yeah...anyone could figure out what they're saying,
and often there's an echo which contains the entire
word. The silence seems to draw attention to the word,
rather than otherwise. What a brilliant move.

> That's got nothing to do with the band's integrity
or importance.


You are telling me that Pete Townshend had no input as
to the name of the album? Pshaw, I say, and again

> doing."  What does that mean?

It means what it said.
> Yeah, there are a lot of things the Kinks haven't
> done that The Who have.

And vice versa, for instance a number one single. But
while we're on the subject, the three songs both bands
recorded are: Dancing In The Street, Bald Headed Woman
(thanks no doubt to their mutual producer, who must
have had a hardon for that song) and the Batman theme.

> out.  It's the shortened version, not the "Who the
> hell are you" version.

Pity. Then the "Who The Hell" version, which is on the
vinyl single, is still unissued on CD.

> going down a very dangerous path.  I am increasingly
> concerned about the FCC/Bush Administration and the
desire to make this
> a communist country.


Why,! Ashcroft goons will be at
your door any minute.

> fuck."  I am forever tarnished by this horrid
> language.;-)

Don't worry, a little Ridlin and you'll be just like
Mr. Rogers.

> obscene swearing for dialogue, yet the US press and
> tv is possibly the most
> censored in the world.


Welcome to MY world! Try Wal-Mart, which sells DVDs
with all the blood and guts and killing and raping
even a closet case (no names required) could ask for,
yet they will not sell a CD with the word "shit" in

> Except I refer you to America and Britain, two
> nations divided by a commomn language

Not really. Over here we don't have a funny accent,
like you guys do over there.

> societies, so that for example things like FCUK
> (French Connection UK)
> become acceptable as a logo on children's clothes.

Now THAT'S fanny, um, I mean funny.

"I don't think losing 3 million jobs, having deficits
as far as the eye can go, having 2 million people lose
their health insurance, turning your back on kids in
schools and not funding No Child Left Behind
represents a vision."
                   Sen. John Kerry

Cheers         ML

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