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Wed Apr 21 17:18:34 CDT 2004

You really need to stop listening to Rush, and do your homework before you go 
inciting a riot like this.  Ms. Gorelik *was* interviewed by the 9/11 
commission.  Hello!  Ignorance aleart!  
I see you inserted your "rant" as I predicted.  You should have e-mailed me 
privately.  Haven't listened to Rush in months.  Always in class at this time.  
However, she WASN'T interviewed under oath at these hearings.  Condi was also 
interviewed before but YOUR crowd screamed for her to do it again before the 
cameras.  Maybe it's time we, the people, hear from Jamie on that memo.
And, all the members on the commission are there because of their past 
involvement with intelligence, policy, etc. specifically relating to terrorist 
What, are you advocating that the 9/11 commission be conducted by people 
without *any* knowledge of the process or anti-terrorist policy???
That would be bright.  Not.
No one, including myself, even hinted at this.  However, those who were a 
part of the intel apparatus of either of the two administrations most closely 
related to 9/11 should NOT be on the commission.  
And, since you're on this crap because of what Adolph Ashcroft said at his 
interview....you know, that it was Ms. Gorelik under Clinton who developed the 
policy that created "the wall" between the FBI and the CIA (Ms. Gorelik now 
getting death threats as a result), you and Adolph Ashcroft should again check 
the facts....
She had a hand in perpetuating and increasing the height of the wall.  Of 
course neither she nor Clinton created the wall... it had been up for decades, 
yet Bush gets blamed when the wall led to intel failures prior to 9/11.  As 
always, libs want it both ways.  Ashcroft is the best AG since RFK, and notice the 
staggering lack of litigation challenging the Patriot Act and its enforcement 
that everyone says threatens our liberty.  Notice who has gone to town on 
corporate criminals.  Sure wasn't Janet Reno.

Per NPR, 
Biased to the left...
"report released by independent researchers (from *both* parties)
With NPR's spin put on it...
into this statement find that the policies responsible for creating "the 
wall" were established in the"......<take a seat Mc.....hold onto your 
hat......you're not going to like this......> "were established in the *Reagan* and *Bush 
Sr.* administrations."
Damn, that's got to hurt.
See my comment above.  Wall was up way before Clinton or Reagan or Bush, and 
just because policies were created during an administration doesn't mean the 
admin was responsible for them.  Congress overrides vetos, President's cut 
political deals, judge's issue decisions which affect policy, and policies have 
unforseen effects or are mis-applied by successive administrations (hint, hint).

I'm tellin' ya....stop listening blinding to Rush and do your own research.
Did own research, don't listen to Rush.  Also notice in my original comment I 
made no reference to the substance of Gorelik's memo, just that she ought to 
be testifying and not questioning.  To be honest, NO former Clinton appointees 
ought be on the commission b/c of a conflict of interest (protecting former 
boss and own ass).  Isn't it YOU who always rants about the "mere appearance of 
impropriety"?  UGH!


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