Mediocrity and what's lucky

Imonecmw at Imonecmw at
Wed Apr 21 17:07:31 CDT 2004

 bushchoked at writes:

> >But, what one can't escape is that the song writer
> >and singer and guitarist are the same.
> So you mean Ringo and Paul should tour as The Beatles?
> I mean, the songwriter and singer and drummer are the
> same.

If Lennon and McCartney were the ones left standing, I'd say they'd be quorum 
enough to be The Beatles.  Paul was by no means THE songwriter (or THE singer 
either, for that matter).  


p.s.  Kevin, you're mistaken that The Who's guitarist is still the same.  The 
Who had to get a new guitarist.  They did, and his name is Pete Townshend.  
You'll see :-).

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