Mediocrity and CZ (not to associate the two, by any means)

Imonecmw at Imonecmw at
Wed Apr 21 16:58:13 CDT 2004

 Kevin writes:

> The "music", the passion, the message, the feel, the energy, is 
> still.....The Who.
> Please don't go back down the road of 'but without John....', 'cause I 
> agree.  It's obviously very different.
> Things change.
> Got to roll with the punches.

It's a new band, or should I say a renewed band?  In some ways it's better, 
in some ways it's lacking (the obvious), but the remainder of The Who is still 
of great interest to me.  They are still making the life-affirming music I've 
come to expect and on which I thrive.  I've never understood those who, 
instead of moving on if they're unsatisfied with the changes, hang on and yak about 
what was and never can be again.  Would the mere renaming of the band make all 
the difference?  


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