Lucky *bleeps*, and inciting a riot....

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<well, what about the rest of those lyrics? you said something about "glitter 
in the sky" when according to the link, its "theater in the sky".  

<looking around> you tawkin da me?  I can't tell.............. but, in da 
case dat ya awre:

I simply cut and pasted the lyrics straight from, "guitar 
tablature", I'll do it again:

And I felt then that I moved with all those lucky fucks and angels
High in the glitter(?) in the sky

The "?" indicates that the transcriber (litgo at from Whotabs) isn't 
quite sure.

That is also why I said I wasn't sure if these were "official" or not.

l think I'll ask litgo at aol and see what he says, if anything.

It also has this blurb on the title page of guitar tablature again at
***The files archived on this site are the respective transcriber’s own work 
and represent their interpretations of the songs. You may only use these files 
for private study, scholarship or research. ****
Jo :)

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