Lucky *bleeps*, and inciting a riot....

Neil E. Weissman neilweissman at
Wed Apr 21 12:01:02 CDT 2004

Got it.  Many have expressed this, and I echo the sentiment that we are
going down a very dangerous path.  I am increasingly concerned about the
FCC/Bush Administration and the desire to make this a communist country.

Hey FCC - How about Jeremy from Pearl Jam...."he seemed a harmless little
fuck."  I am forever tarnished by this horrid language.;-)
Or, any rap song.

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> >Lucky *bleeps*, and inciting a riot....
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> >What are you referring to?  Isn't the who article reference to "who the
> >are you" in Who Are You?
> Real Good Looking Boy (not you ;-).
> It was a tangent thread from the article.
> Kevin in VT

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