Mediocrity and what's lucky

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Wed Apr 21 08:38:20 CDT 2004

> I don't see it as sliding anywhere.


I know you don't. But this indicates how the general
public sees the new stuff:

> At best it sounds like something Townshend
> would toss aside when it comes time to pick a dozen
> songs for a proper album.

So, you see, I do see it and so do others.

> I understand the business motivation of a new label.

Most bands on the Who level name their albums. If the
label insisted they use a name shared by "artists"
like David Cassidy, Steely Dan, Shenandoah, Slaughter,
Asia, the Fixx and so on...and they agreed...then they
joined the ranks of mediocre album names. And that's
giving them a pass on the Millennium Collection. This
not an opinion. Unlike albums like Quad or Who's Next
or My Generation, you can't say the album title and
people will automatically know the artist.

> And the new music is good.

It's a marketing tool by labels to resell old music
with "bonus tracks" or "unreleased material" so they
can make money once again on the same stuff. Tom Petty
MAY be the worst offender here, having released two
best of's and a boxed set with "new tracks." The
Stones have done it twice, with the live album
Flashback and also with Forty Licks. But it's rather
lame to do this no matter who it is.

The point is: when The Who start doing things other
more common bands are doing, that's sliding into
mediocrity. And, just so you know, even The Kinks
haven't done this.

> But, what one can't escape is that the song writer
> and singer and guitarist are the same.

So you mean Ringo and Paul should tour as The Beatles?
I mean, the songwriter and singer and drummer are the

> The "music", the passion, the message, the feel, the
> energy, is still.....The Who.

In your opinion. A back-to-back comparison of LAL to a
2000 show say it all for me. And that's WITH John.

> "Who sliding into mediocrity" = Opinion.
> "No WMD in Iraq" = Fact.

But at one time, WMD was also called an opinion...and
the evidence is just as strong for the mediocrity.

> A Senior moment??  ;-)

A Sunday Morning after partying till 3 AM Saturday
night moment.

> ha, how ironic. they played "who are you" on the
> classic rock station over here, UNEDITED. 

It's always been played unedited here.

> sure they're "bucks" and not "fucks"? the lyrics
> said "bucks". 


I think it's "fucks." Daltrey emphasises the word, and
it's never sounded like "bucks" to me.

> Not likely since I think they only edited version is
> on vinyl. :)


Doen't Now And Then have the "Who the Hell" version on
it? I bought the new songs from ITunes, so I haven't
heard the CD yet.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere
ignorance and conscientious stupidity." 
                    Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cheers         ML

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