Lucky *bleeps*, and inciting a riot....

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Wed Apr 21 08:08:24 CDT 2004

>From: JOELTLE515 at
>Subject: Re: FCC indecency crackdown affecting The Who
>sure they're "bucks" and not "fucks"? the lyrics said "bucks". 

Yeah, they're "bucks".
When you listen to the song, what do you hear?
Fucks being the guys.  Angels being the girls (I generally don't like songs that use the word Angel.....I don't know why.  Probably the most over used word in music).

When my boy and I dance to this song, I sing "Lucky *Ducks*".  :-)

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: FCC indecency crackdown affecting The Who
>first I thought, great, why give one more reason for the song not to be
>played on the radio? 

Ha!  My first thought was "cool, The Who still being true to it's roots."

>From: Sroundtable at
>Subject: who at MSG May 22
>Hmmm... this is perplexing, sort of 
>like why Jamie Gorelik, a person who was writing terror and intelligence policy 
>memos in the Clinton White House is ON the 9/11 commission rather than being 
>questioned by it. (insert Mark's Bush rant here)

You really need to stop listening to Rush, and do your homework before you go inciting a riot like this.  Ms. Gorelik *was* interviewed by the 9/11 commission.  Hello!  Ignorance aleart!  And, all the members on the commission are there because of their past involvement with intelligence, policy, etc. specifically relating to terrorist activities.
What, are you advocating that the 9/11 commission be conducted by people without *any* knowledge of the process or anti-terrorist policy???
That would be bright.  Not.  
And, since you're on this crap because of what Adolph Ashcroft said at his know, that it was Ms. Gorelik under Clinton who developed the policy that created "the wall" between the FBI and the CIA (Ms. Gorelik now getting death threats as a result), you and Adolph Ashcroft should again check the facts....
Per NPR, "report released by independent researchers (from *both* parties) into this statement find that the policies responsible for creating "the wall" were established in the"......<take a seat Mc.....hold onto your're not going to like this......> "were established in the *Reagan* and *Bush Sr.* administrations."
Damn, that's got to hurt.

I'm tellin' ya....stop listening blinding to Rush and do your own research.

BTW, you should drop this and get back to The Who.
Ignore Mark's signature if it's going to cause you to blatantly incite people.
Don't you have homework to do?

Kevin in VT

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