Mediocrity and CZ (not to associate the two, by any means)

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Apr 20 09:23:01 CDT 2004

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>
>Subject: Archives and mediocrity
>Well, when major influential Rock bands start putting
>out "best of's" with two new track and/or titling
>collections the same as other, lessor bands...I'd call
>that sliding into mediocrity. You may not.

I don't see it as sliding anywhere.
I understand the business motivation of a new label.
And the new music is good.
Yeah, ok, it's not The Who with Keith and John.
Yeah, ok, the name could/should be changed out of respect and the fact that things are different.
But, what one can't escape is that the song writer and singer and guitarist are the same.
And, really, the drummer is the same since 1996.
The "music", the passion, the message, the feel, the energy, is still.....The Who.

Please don't go back down the road of 'but without John....', 'cause I agree.  It's obviously very different.
Things change.
Got to roll with the punches.
Just hoping Pino can bring interest back to the left side of the stage (stage right).
If he can't, they should pack it in.

>It doesn't bother me that sometimes I can see things
>before other people do. Take the WMD, for instance...

You shouldn't mix opinions with facts like that.

"Who sliding into mediocrity" = Opinion.
"No WMD in Iraq" = Fact.

>> Oh, and Welcome Paul from Oz.
>Paul (Pavel):
>Sorry, I meant to write "Paul from CZ." It was a
>momentary lapse of reason.

A Senior moment??  ;-)

But yes, welcome our new Who Fan friend from CZ!
I have fond memories of Prague.
Drinking on the famous bridge.
Buying vintage Soviet Army hat.
Admiring the unbelievable architecture.
Digging the entire Bohemian feel of the place.
You guys give Amsterdam a run for it's money!

Kevin (a very long way from CZ) in VT

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