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THE WHO _ THEN AND NOW. The Who. Geffen

Another greatest-hits package from The Who is nothing
to crow about _ the band has at least five of them on
the market _ but this one ends with two new songs from
a group that hasn't recorded since the mid-'80s. And
that's significant. 

Unfortunately, they give no hint what a future disc
from Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and their
supporting cast _ now that John Entwistle has passed
away _ might sound like. "Real Good Looking Boy" is a
strange and poignant exploration of self-identity that
is beautiful in its execution. Only Townshend could
convincingly write a song from the perspective of a
boy whose mother tells him he was given short-shrift
in the gene pool, and Daltrey sings it with

But "Old Red Wine" is equally remarkable in its
blandness, using a tired metaphor of aging wine to
speak about growing old and pay tribute to the fallen
Entwistle. At best it sounds like something Townshend
would toss aside when it comes time to pick a dozen
songs for a proper album. 

As for the 18-song greatest-hits package itself, all
the essentials are here _ "Substitute," "The Kids Are
Alright," "Behind Blue Eyes" _ but, of course, these
are songs that any Who fan has owned for years. 


-Brian in Atlanta
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