Townshend fights depression

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Townshend fights depression
By David Brown

SHAMED rock star Pete Townshend is being treated at
the Priory clinic for depression.

The Who guitarist's health crisis was triggered after
a powerful TV show last month showed his arrest for
viewing a paedophile website.

Friends fear it could also set off his previous
addictions to drink and drugs.

One pal said yesterday: "Pete is in a bad way and the
documentary has done him no favours at all by raking
this up.

"He feels he's being punished all over again and that
he is never going to escape the stigma of being a
paedophile even though he denies he is one.

"We just hope he doesn't go off the rails. We are
worried he might turn to drugs again to blot it all

Townshend, 58, is a voluntary outpatient at the
£500-a-day Priory in Roehampton, Surrey, near his
£8million mansion in Richmond.

Doctors there are skilled in treating troubled
celebrities, such as former patients Michael Barrymore
and ex-footballer Stan Collymore.

Patients can be dealt with on a one-to-one basis or go
into group therapy sessions.

Townshend has already publicly revealed he
contemplated suicide after anti-child porn cops from
Operation Ore arrested him in January 2003.

Detectives found he had used his credit card to access
Internet filth. He was cautioned and placed on the Sex
Offenders' Register for five years. He claimed he was
researching paedophilia for an autobiography he was

And he insisted he had been the victim of sex abuse
while in the care of his maternal grandmother Emma
Hindley and has been haunted by it ever since.

He has tried to come to terms with those events but
once admitted: "I was damaged, the damage was done. I
can't get in, even in deep therapy."

Now pals say his dark moods have returned after the
hard-hitting BBC2 show Police Protecting Children.

It showed him close to tears as he was taken into
custody at Twickenham police station, south-west
London. It also featured a sound recording of his
police interview. A pal of Townshend said: "He has
felt nothing but shame since his arrest and feels the
public will never view him in the same light again.

"The whole experience has been a massive bodyblow to
him. He knows he has been a fool and feels totally

In February Townshend admitted to nerves as he gave
his first gig in two years at a Royal Albert Hall
charity concert with fellow Who survivor Roger

He has also spoken about his anguish over the death of
bandmate John Entwistle who had a fatal heart attack
after a cocaine-fuelled romp with a hooker in Las
Vegas in 2002.

Townshend confesses his own rock star addictions to
booze and drugs in the band's heyday almost killed him
- as it did Who drummer Keith Moon.

Townshend was downing three bottles of brandy on stage
and even drunkenly slept in rubbish skips when his
rock opera Tommy was playing in New York in 1993.

He became hooked on a tranquilliser drug which he took
to conquer his alcoholism and also used cocaine and
heroin before finally beating drugs in 1982.

The rocker formed the Double O charity to help other
addicts, but is still haunted by his own cravings.

"We just hope the Priory can sort him out," said a

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