Hello everyone, and greetings from CZ

Paul Paul oyster99 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 16 11:22:51 CDT 2004

Hi there fellow Oo fans!

I must confess that although I have been a subscriber to this list for some 
time now I have never once contributed and have not been keeping up with the 
chat recently. I do regret this, but I have been so damn busy in recent 

My name's Paul and I live in a country called The Czech Republic, where I 
teach English. I also have a pretty cool little powerpop band called 
Parafina and we play gigs pretty much every weekend in the locality - we 
have one tomorrow at a city ball in the mountains. Just thought you'd like 
to know that we do a Who cover - "Substitute", my fave Who 45. I sing lead 
and play bass in Parafina so it's always a bit difficult when it gets to the 
E Minor bit "I'm a substitute for another guy.....", etc, because I try and 
keep the bassline true to the original and it gets a bit tricky in that part 
of the song. But enough of my problems! I reckon that many Who fans might 
dig us too, seeing as I'm the songwriter and my main influence (and fave 
writer) is........you guessed it, yes, Towser himself ;) Not that we're a 
cover band or a rip off, but there's just a hefty slice of '60s UK/US 
powerpop/mod/psych/blues/pure pop in our sound. In case anyone's interested 
you can order our EP from our website (www.parafina.wz.cz). The total cost 
for this package of loveliness is around a Quid, plus postage and packing.

We'd be interested if there are any owner's of clubs/pubs out there in the 
USA or UK (or anywhere else, for that matter) who'd be into booking us. 
We're eager, hungry and we give good gig

As to The Who's current activity, well, as I said, I haven't been keeping up 
with the discussion but I know they're still gigging and recording. I'm 
afraid my opinion is that they should (please!) quit. They don't need to 
tarnish their reputation, do they? I mean, you don't see Macca and Ringo 
going out as the Twotles, do you now? Hmmm, come to that, they'd make a 
pretty solid rhythm section.......if Ritchie's son hadn't already got the 
gig. LOL. Like I always say, irony can be ironic sometimes.

Peace, love and bananas
Pavel Valasek

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