CBW Predictions list update #3 October 23 2016

Eric Albert via celtics celtics at igtc.com
Mon Oct 24 15:25:48 UTC 2016

Put me down for 52 wins, Snoopy.

FiveThirtyEight.com is estimating only 47 wins (but predicting last place for the Nets, so there's that):


I think Al Horford is a perfect fit for Brad's system, that at least two of the young folks will make strides, and that we'll benefit from so many players coming back. Of course, it always depends on staying healthy (though we have more depth than most).

Be well, Snoopy.


>We got a nice batch of predictions this week, though more are always welcome, right up until the opening tipoff of the Celtics first game of the regular season!  If your prediction isn't here I didn't see it, so please resend!  Please remember that this year, due to circumstances beyond my control, the final list will not be posted until AFTER the game. Here's the 36 predictions we have to date...
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