2016-2017 CBW predictions update

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Interesting, I think your analysis will tell us more about the list members than the team :)

Some of are trying to win, and some of us (me, Paolo, the Snoops) are trying to inject positive energy. If I were trying to win I would probably go with 54/55, but I prefer to try to bring hope and optimism into the season while I can. 

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> Time for my annual rumination about this predictions list: seems to me that we as a group very widely in our predictions, but we still blow it most of the time. although the Beagles' predictions fall outside of the norm, shall we say. However, we're usually very wrong. Again, I haven't counted, but I bet if you went back and did some sort of "over-under" breakdown ff past years, you'd find a vast majority on one side or the other every year: either we'd generally pick too many wins or too few wins. Or put another way, you might expect half of us to be over, half under, but it rarely works that way.  Some day, now that I've retired, I'll try to figure it out.
> This year is shaping up very differently. It seems to me that so far, just about everyone is somewhere between 50-55 wins. Sure, we have one in the 60s, and I expect the usual from the Snoops, but still...
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> Put me down for 50 -32  Thanks, Troy
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