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John I have been following (well trying  your formatting makes your posts tough to read, or maybe it's the list or something) your thread and tend to agree in general, but the problem isn't any of our current players - there's not a one I'm ready to give up on, BUT you pointed out the problem somewhere: we need a star or two. We have the best supporting cast in the NBA, but supporting casts don't win titles  My mantra the last few years has been that we have the best bench in the NBA  - all 15 of them.  So I guess my disagreement is in tone only: we might have o trade away a good player or two to get better ones You might say we need to dump a loser or two to upgrade.  More or less the same thought, right?
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    This is pure speculation, not based on any historical stats. A true shooting % of 49%?Smarts Comp is James Harden? He has never been close to Harden or George  as a shooter/ scorer. Not saying that through hard work he couldn't become a D wade ,but his stats are going in the opposite direction. C's will likely have a decision on whether to keep Smart or Bradley. I agree on many but you  have to question some of the players they have on there. Rubio above Klay Thompson?  Ibaka? Danny Green?  Nerlens Noel,  like his comps, stromile swift and Darius Miles, famous busts. Embiid? Hasn't played a game and could be the next Greg OdenPersonally I think a Chris paul and John Wall are overrated. Paul George at 45? He has been killing it, but if this is based on the next 6 years they may factor in the injury. Never said Smart wasn't good defensively,  but we have  Bradley and he is a better scorer and defense will only take you so far . The Warriors have 4 players better than anyone on the C's at  this time and the cap increase will help them keep Barnes and acquire others. Hopefully with our cap room we can land a few.Anyone see last night's game without Smart? Thomas averaging 20 and 6 assists and playing decent defense for his size. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone-------- Original message --------From: Eric Albert via celtics <celtics at> Date: 2015/11/27  10:58 AM  (GMT-08:00) To: Celtics at Subject: Marcus Smart and stats It's interesting that jlyell talks about stats.538, a web site that knows a bit about stats, predicts that Marcus Smart will be the 13th best franchise player IN THE ENTIRE NBA over the next six years: there's ESPN, which also knows a bit about stats. After the final game in which Marcus played, they reported that we had the best defense in the NBA, and were ranked 5th overall.-- Eric>jlyell <jlyell at> wrote:>>    Agree on the OKC game  but like with Jeff Green for every one good one there  are 10 stinkers and his shooting %'s are getting worse. Sub 40% FG, Sub 30% 3 and sub 70% FT are all bad.  Stats and efficiency  equal points and have a key influence on wins and losses. Top 3 defense but a .500 team and we have played Philly twice. That says something about our offensI've inconsistency. Only time will tell what happens at the deadline and in drafts for years to come. All are available,  at the right price. We likely wont keep all the picks, especially  first rounders with guaranteed contracts. I think we have Dallas' until like 2021, I would wait a few for Dirk to diminish on this one.  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: gene kirkpatrick via celtics <celtics at> Date: 2015/11/27  6:23 AM  (GMT-08:00) To: HRBlaine at, celtics <celtics at> Subject: Re: celtics Digest, Vol 23, Issue 100 The game v. The Thunder is Smart's ceiling.  He battled Westbrook evenly and we won.  Offensive consistency is the only issue.  This year  should test that.  But he is showing very good progress at point, at getting into the lane, and there's not a better disruptive force in the league on defense.  Watch him and not the shooting stats.  He causes more turnovers than anyone I've seen.  Using Bradley and Oly as bench players seems to work.  Oly's defense is much improved.  We just need time to let these guys mature.  Sully shows that.  Lee and Johnson are not our future.  I think we will see Smart, Sully, Crowder, Thomas, and possibly the three rooks plus next year's rooks (and probably Oly) as our keepers.  Gene _______________________________________________ The Boston Celtics Mailing List celtics at _______________________________________________ The Boston Celtics Mailing List celtics at Boston Celtics Mailing Listceltics at igtc.com Boston Celtics Mailing Listceltics at igtc.com

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