celtics Digest, Vol 23, Issue 100

gene kirkpatrick via celtics celtics at igtc.com
Fri Nov 27 14:23:54 UTC 2015

The game v. The Thunder is Smart's ceiling.  He battled Westbrook evenly and we won.  Offensive consistency is the only issue.  This year  should test that.  But he is showing very good progress at point, at getting into the lane, and there's not a better disruptive force in the league on defense.  Watch him and not the shooting stats.  He causes more turnovers than anyone I've seen.  Using Bradley and Oly as bench players seems to work.  Oly's defense is much improved.  We just need time to let these guys mature.  Sully shows that.  Lee and Johnson are not our future.  I think we will see Smart, Sully, Crowder, Thomas, and possibly the three rooks plus next year's rooks (and probably Oly) as our keepers.  Gene

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