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Bradley and Smart are redundant, as are Sully , Jerebko and Olynyk . AB and Smart are undersized 2 guards that can't run the point, and not consistent shooters (smart is terrible, look at his stats, and not getting better, and often injurred ) although Bradley has really stepped it up as of late so seems to have more value.
Make some moves for Cousins and McClemore,  or go after Beal in the offseason or give Hunter more time 

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Have the Cs won Smart's "last few games"? Have the Cs been measurably worse without him?  This isn't a fantasy league.  The kid plays winning ball at both ends. He's a keeper.  He may not be the answer, but he's part of the answer - more so than anyone else on the roster.
Would you still rather have Nik Stauskas? I'm guessing he's available.

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Yes he is like 4 -25 in his last few games. He isn't the answer.  Need a big scoring 2/3.  We cant go  far with Smart, AB and IT. Too many role players , no go to superstar. 

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