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This year I decided to give fantasy basketball another try. I joined in 2006, but found that rooting for individuals to put up big numbers was antithetical to rooting for my team (Celtics.) I quit the league after ten days. This year, being retired with some time, I tried it again and am doing slightly better, but am dismayed by the fact that there are no Celtics I want on my team, although I might have taken Thomas, the only Celtic taken in a 140-player draft. I ha Smart, but dropped him after a week. Now Sullinger is doing some good for me, but not much. I picked up Crowder last week, hoping for some steals. No big stats guys in green!
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Exactly. The last thing we need is a guy who loves to put up big numbers on a
losing team. He got his numbers in the first half last night, second half he was
a no-show.

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> I don't understand all the slobbering over
Monroe. Guy is seriously overrated. Only plays half the court. Only plays half
the time. Not worth the money. 
> Joe

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