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>>the one lacking need is a big man that can rebound consistently and score on the low post. 
Thusfar this season, Sully's eating Monroe's lunch on the boards. But I'm just being argumentative; I totally wanted Monroe in green too. I watched him closely in person when Detroit played Golden State last year and was really struck by his mobility and his effort on defense. He and Thomas, in my mind, could have been 2/3 of a special tandem; add a deadly wing scorer and you could be well on your way to contender status.
All that said, Brad Stevens forgot more about basketball in the last 20 minutes than I learned in the past 20 years. And without question, in a team game like hoops, it's not just about having the best talent on paper; it's about system, flow, complement, team concept, commitment. We saw this Celtics team do amazing things in the preseason; we saw them smoke a very good team tonight, even without our starting PG. Let's give them 20 games before we decide how to fix what may or may not be broken. 
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Subject: Re: Um  I'll buy that rejoinder. I too was hot for Ainge to sign Monroe. Question is whether he could play the kind of basketball Stevens wants to play.   Here's what I mean: During the offseason, I considered Monroe a longer, more efficient version of Sullinger. Yet through an admittedly small sample of games this year, Sully's tallying significantly more rebounds and blocks, adjusted for equivalent minutes. And, more importantly, he's shooting 46% on treys ... while Monroe's shooting 0%. We can debate whether power forwards should be shooting threes, but they clearly do in Brad's world.   From: TroySusieBrady <tsb33 at>
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Yea, and he was the total difference!  If we had Monroe we would be a top 4
team in the East.  As it stands we will fight all year for the last couple
of spots.  
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"Veteran leadership is fine, but talent gets Ws."

Do you mean like the W Johnson's team got tonight over Monroe's team?

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