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I definitely  saw some  court vision, passing, and point guard  play I had not seem before yesterday 
Maybe the trade rumors lit a fire under him to make it hard for Danny to move him. Heck D wade is 6'4" so if  he works on his shot  maybe a 2 guard isn't a stretch.   Rozier is real quick and I like mickey in the post. He challenges shots.
Young better step it up and show something or he may be the one to go but there is risk there on giving up on him too early. Reminds me sone what of a less athletic Gerald Green at this point. Still kind of lost out there

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Not sure if it went unnoticed: C's were changing Smart's D assignments: he ended up guarding best scorer on Spurs (6'9" forward, #4 scorer in SL) - and held him to 2-12 shooting. 
I already brought up analogy, and will stick to it: he has a chance to become next gen JKidd - only PG in the NBA history capable of defending 3 positions. Does anyone remember how badly Pierce looked being defended by JKidd?!!! 

- both 6'4", 205 vs. 230- JKidd could not shoot for the life of it until his 30s - Smart shoots treys coming off the screens and fading a-la Curry today!- First season JKidd had 11.7 ppg, 7.7 apg, 5.4 rpg in 33.8 mpg (!!!!). Take a look at Smart's stats - not all that far off
Biggest difference is the court vision. Smart getting it, and looks totally different man in SL. I think it's just a matter of confidence: explains why he was never a part of the pre-draft negotiations. KEEPER!!!!

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Gene Could you record these games? I got a message that didn't allow me on direct tv 

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I encourage everyone to watch this game.  It is an index to our future.  In order:  Smart is a game changer.  In the course of a few minutes he makes several defensive plays, hits a big shot, and energizes the team.  His line was impressive.  Rozier has awesome speed and quickness.  He showed nice pull-up two pointers and was 2/3 from deep.  Great movement on defense.  I now think he will get minutes in the season.  Hunter can shoot.  He was more impressive than Rozier because this was his first game to shine, and a shooter is badly needed.  Good position on defense, if not a terror.  He plays basketball as opposed to Young.  Mickey had a nice game, rebounding better, shooting well from outside, more comfortable.  No blocks but changed things in the lane.  I also

 thought Holmes looked good.  A few threes and good rebounding effort.  I certainly think he should be invited to camp.  I don't know what to make of Young, altho' he might have been banged up early and didn't return.    Overall, a good game that left a good feeling.  It's clear what our guys saw in our top three picks.  Gene

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Ok much better today , cobwebs gone

Rozier &  Hunter nice games and Marcus Smart showed some real point guard promise I had not seen before.

Maybe he knows if he puts the time in he can be

 a top player.  Interesting though,  in  an interview Hinkie mentioned his name??

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