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Not sure if it went unnoticed: C's were changing Smart's D assignments: he
ended up guarding best scorer on Spurs (6'9" forward, #4 scorer in SL) -
and held him to 2-12 shooting.

I already brought up analogy, and will stick to it: he has a chance to
become next gen JKidd - only PG in the NBA history capable of defending 3
positions. Does anyone remember how badly Pierce looked being defended by

- both 6'4", 205 vs. 230
- JKidd could not shoot for the life of it until his 30s - Smart shoots
treys coming off the screens and fading a-la Curry today!
- First season JKidd had 11.7 ppg, 7.7 apg, 5.4 rpg in 33.8 mpg (!!!!).
Take a look at Smart's stats - not all that far off

Biggest difference is the court vision. Smart getting it, and looks totally
different man in SL. I think it's just a matter of confidence: explains why
he was never a part of the pre-draft negotiations. KEEPER!!!!


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> Gene Could you record these games? I got a message that didn't allow me on
> direct tv
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> I encourage everyone to watch this game.  It is an index to our future.
> In order:  Smart is a game changer.  In the course of a few minutes he
> makes several defensive plays, hits a big shot, and energizes the team.
> His line was impressive.  Rozier has awesome speed and quickness.  He
> showed nice pull-up two pointers and was 2/3 from deep.  Great movement on
> defense.  I now think he will get minutes in the season.  Hunter can
> shoot.  He was more impressive than Rozier because this was his first game
> to shine, and a shooter is badly needed.  Good position on defense, if not
> a terror.  He plays basketball as opposed to Young.  Mickey had a nice
> game, rebounding better, shooting well from outside, more comfortable.  No
> blocks but changed things in the lane.  I also
>  thought Holmes looked good.  A few threes and good rebounding effort.  I
> certainly think he should be invited to camp.  I don't know what to make of
> Young, altho' he might have been banged up early and didn't return.
> Overall, a good game that left a good feeling.  It's clear what our guys
> saw in our top three picks.  Gene
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> Ok much better today , cobwebs gone
> Rozier &  Hunter nice games and Marcus Smart showed some real point guard
> promise I had not seen before.
> Maybe he knows if he puts the time in he can be
>  a top player.  Interesting though,  in  an interview Hinkie mentioned his
> name??
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