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 Steven Adams or Kanter ? Not sure they need Smart .  Mitch McGary a younger David Lee?
Gorgui Dieng? 
Would could use a vet like  Lee come playoff time that has any value to trade? 
Houston? Utah?AtlantaOKC?Portland?

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Maybe Ainge is setting Smart up to be traded.  Smart + ? + some of  those 
"golden" picks for a real 5?  Maybe the one that will  probably turn into 
second rounders?  Zeller's a good back up,  play maybe 20+ minutes, none in the 
4th Q - or no more than a few minutes  at the start.  Rest the starter 5 
-10 minutes at the end of the third,  a couple at the start of the fourth, 
then he finishes.  Do the same thing  between Qs 1 & 2.  That way Z gets his 
20+ minutes and the starter  gets a little rest.
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Anyone  else feel game 1 was a showcase for Smart?  Odd he rested last  

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