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same length as Wallace's, but saves 5.4m not bad trade. Contract expiring this year.

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Wallace for Lee?????   Lee’s contract is???  He is the rim protector right?    NOT!!!

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Did Holmes play? I don't recall seeing him. Saw enough of Fair. A backup like Cooley was tossing us around imagine a drummond.

Utah has a lot of young talent

Hood , McGary and Cappella all went after Young.  Hopefully Larranaga tells Young to shoot the ball, it's summer league!  I didn't even recognize him

McGary is another big man buried at OKC we might consider

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Rough first game. After five more we'll know more of what we've got. We wanted Smart to get into the lane and he did--12/13 at the line. We wanted to see the new guys and Young settle into the flow and show what they've got. Mickey did pretty well. The others need more time. I liked Hunter's moves on D; likewise Rozier. Young? I hope the evolution of his game jumps a few eons. Would also like to see more of Holmes. Gene

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At Jul 6, 2015, 11:51:43 PM, TroySusieBrady via celtics<'celtics at igtc.com'> wrote:

Yep, no size no rebounding. Iverson signed with a Euro team, he wasn't making
this team and he knew it. I know it is way too early to predict, but Mickey
is the best player out of our picks! Rozier is a 4th string, back up combo
guard that does nothing well. But he plays with grit, isn't that what Danny
said?? There are 50 players in the D League that play with the same grit!!
Sam Dekker hasn't played yet but I expect that we will be wishing all year he
was wearing green!

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Game 1 same old. No perimeter scoring. Young too tentative. Hunter non
existent . Smart chucking like 25 shots Got killed by exum, Hood, and some
Cooley dude dominating inside. Not sure why Iverson didn't play Mickey looked
decent, Rozier good at times First game against deeper team Did we take
young over Hood?

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