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I am not down on Monroe, but for this team, at this time, AJ is a much better fit at both ends and in the locker room. His interior defense and rebounding is stellar, he brings the defensive intensity we have been lacking in the paint and will mentor our young bigs. On offense he fits the BS system - he doesn’t clog the paint, sets great screens, and moves without the ball. This allows our guards to get inside. As a Raptors fan I have watched him a lot, and when he went down with injuries last season is when the Raps lost their edge. Lowry, who was one of the best PGs in the league, lost his spacing and the interior D fell apart. You guys are going to love AJ.

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> Would you guys rather have Monroe at $16M/per for three years, or Johnson at $12M/per for two? I know which way I'd lean; even if the C's can get out of Johnson's deal after one season to take a run at a bigger-name FA, which 2016 RFAs will be better than Monroe? Al Horford? Chandler Parsons? Roy Hibbert?
> One thing this signing does suggest is that some FAs WILL sign in small-market, cold-weather cities if the money is there. Granted, joining Milwaukee's young, long frontcourt was probably more enticing than what we could offer, but from what I understand Boston didn't even get in touch with Monroe's agents to kick the tires. Just can't understand why Ainge wouldn't feel he was good value. He and Thomas could make a great pick-and-roll combo, and it's not like he'd handcuff the payroll with Crash coming off the books next year.
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