Some Monroe Signing Comments

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Actually I thought I saw Bucher or some other writer state he thought Johnson was a good signing 
Can we get someone out of Phoenix for a TPE TJ Warren? freeing  up cap space tontaruband land for Aldridge?
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Not so fast. You missed: 

Former NBA executive:
@BobbyMarks42: Boston is in the lead for best contract so far. As @WojYahooNBA reported, 24m/2 for Amir Johnson is a huge bargain.

CBS NBA writer: 
@talkhoops: I like the Amir Johnson move to Boston. Best big in the rotation already. He and Zeller are a nice stopgap.

ESPN: "Sometimes, he doesn't even start. Yet there is a large sect of league followers that consider Johnson among the most valuable, efficient and irreplaceable players in the NBA"

On Monroe, "overrated" is also a term you see a lot: 

Espn reporter:

@Truth_About_It: @MattTesorero I think Greg Monroe, especially considering his defense, is overrated & that he would be a bad investment 4 #Wizards.

@crossoverNBA: Many think Greg Monroe is an overrated player, regardless of the new situation he'll inherit.
Not @thatjoemags.

@DraftExpress: New on DX: Greg Monroe Free Agent Scouting Video - Is Monroe the missing piece for some team or an overrated tweener?

@19Yanks23: Greg Monroe to Milwaukee? Ok. If anyone can hide him on defense I think it would be them

> On Jul 2, 2015, at 12:20 PM, TroySusieBrady via celtics <celtics at> wrote:
> For all you guys out their drinking Danny's goofy water, here are comments
> from ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report & Rotoworld.    "Huge get for
> Bucks, Bucks are now an up and coming team, Monroe has been good and still
> at age 25 could be great, signing definitely makes Bucks better in the
> East!"    Kind of a theme there isn't it?
> Here are the positive comments on our Johnson signing.  "Sold player",  and
> my very favorite comment, "its only 1 year guaranteed!"   You guys be the
> judge, I didn't say these things just those NBA nuts that don't know crap!
> Right?
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