Some Monroe Signing Comments

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Bucks with Monroe , the Greek Freak, and Parker will likely be tough. A big acquisition for a small market 
But it is more the players than the franchise and we have no stars  or potential stars at this time to attract  top FA's

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For all you guys out their drinking Danny's goofy water, here are comments
from ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report & Rotoworld.    "Huge get for
Bucks, Bucks are now an up and coming team, Monroe has been good and still
at age 25 could be great, signing definitely makes Bucks better in the
East!"    Kind of a theme there isn't it?


Here are the positive comments on our Johnson signing.  "Sold player",  and
my very favorite comment, "its only 1 year guaranteed!"   You guys be the
judge, I didn't say these things just those NBA nuts that don't know crap!





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